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June 30th

Live with Scott Cluthe
Dr Anne Malec
marriage in modern life
Marriage in Modern Life

Dr. Anne Brennan Malec is the founder and managing partner of Symmetry Counseling, a counseling,
coaching, and psychotherapy group practice located in downtown Chicago.

Dr. Malec, who had an earlier career in business, made a significant shift in 2000 when she began her training
in the fields of Marriage and Family Therapy and later, Clinical Psychology. Dr. Malec earned her Bachelor’s
degree from Villanova University in Accountancy and holds two Master’s degrees: one in Liberal Studies from
DePaul University, and one in Marital and Family Therapy from Northwestern University. Dr. Malec earned her
Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the Chicago
School of Professional Psychology. She gained significant clinical training and experience from affiliations with
The Family Institute at Northwestern University, Neuropsychological and Rehabilitation Consultants, Chicago
Center for Family Health, Advocate Masonic Ravenswood Family Practice Medical Center, Jesse Brown Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and the University of Chicago Medical Center.

 Dr. Malec is currently a member of the American Family Therapy Academy, American Psychological Association,
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Alumni Advisory Board of the Family Institute of
Northwestern University, Professional Women’s Club of Chicago, and The Financial Therapy Association.

June 2nd

cosmic cradle Scott Cluthe with Elizabeth & Neil Carman
Authors of Cosmic Cradle

According to co-author Dr. Elizabeth Carman “In our book, we have collected reports from people
who were born with memory of life before birth and from mothers who communicate with their
children (pre-birth) via dreams and more. This is not some paranormal woo, woo book, we have
documented so many similar encounters that the proof is undeniable.”    

While so many books share about NDE (near-death) and Afterlife experiences, very few succinctly
detail and use cross-cultural parallels to compare the undeniable experience of souls entering the
earth plane versus leaving it.  Cosmic Cradle shares over 100 pre-birth stories from contemporary
people, as well as pre-birth reports from 108 various cultures.

“More importantly, states Dr. Neil Carman, as more people realize their innermost core is rooted
in Light and Love, the world will be a better place. This is the true goal of our book and our research
to inspire readers to understand the timeless journey of their soul.”


Elizabeth Carman is a pre-birth awareness educator and a former community service person who
worked with low-income families, adoption, and foster care. Elizabeth received a BA in psychology,
an MA in interdisciplinary studies, and an honorary PhD for her pre-birth research published in an
initial book, Cosmic Cradle: Souls Waiting in the Wings for Birth (2000).

Neil Carman has a life-long love for nature and metaphysics, receiving botany degrees and a PhD
in phytochemistry. Neil served on university faculty teaching biology and the science of consciousness
at the University of Texas, Austin.

May 28th

Scott Cluthe with Carmen Harra, Ph.D.
CarmenKarma Queens

Licensed clinical psychologist, intuitive counselor, and upcoming
Bravo celebrity Carmen Harra shows readers the power of karma!

When it comes to our interactions with family, friends, and the people we live with or work with,
the drama can be overwhelming and confusing if we aren’t guided by love—the karmic cure for every
hurt, rift, misunderstanding, conflict, and betrayal. In her new book Karma Queen: The Truth About
Karma and Relationships
, Carmen Harra draws upon her knowledge of psychology and metaphysics, her
experience as a therapist and counselor, and her own relationships to help readers untangle the complexities
of their relationships and get the most out of them.

This book applies Carmen’s ideas to all types of relationships, because she firmly believes that karma
affects every relationship in our lives—including whether we ever meet our soul mate. Rich in practical,
solid advice, the book will also feature stories drawn from Carmen’s new reality show and from her life.

May 19th

Scott Cluthe LIVE tonight with Scott Barnett

 CEO of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company
Author of Gumption

Written in a cinematic style, this book is about the creation, growth, and sale of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. The concept began when Paramount Pictures reached out to see if there was interest in creating a restaurant based on the movie Forrest Gump. It is also the personal story of the author’s growth as a CEO and creator of restaurant concepts. A host of situations are described such as restaurant concept creation, high stakes boardroom confrontations, and escaping corrupt officials in foreign lands. The narrative is partly an unvarnished peak behind the everyday scenes of restaurants, movie studios, and Wall Street. There is also an almost step-by-step recounting of how the Bubba Gump concept and others were created and operated. Lessons can be learned on unorthodox methods used in moving from traditional approaches to untried ways of doing business.

Scott Barnett is the founding CEO of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurants. He has given talks on service, management techniques, leadership, and financial performance metrics. He has actively consulted with a number of restaurant companies worldwide, and he is a recognized expert on transactions, branding, concept development, and overall operations. He lives in Solana Beach, California.

May 12th
Scott Cluthe with John Bradshaw


Selected by his fellow mental health professionals as ‘”One of the 100 Most Influential Writers on Emotional Health

in the Twentieth Century,” John Bradshaw explains why the honeymoon must end and what you can do about it.

“Being in love is not love,” explains John Bradshaw.

 IN POST ROMANTIC STRESS DISORDER relationship and personal growth expert John Bradshaw, offers positive,

concrete and creative ways for finding more meaningful love, intimacy, friendship and fulfillment in our relationships.

John Bradshaw offers you a realistic understanding of why many self-help books and a large amount of marital therapy

have neither stemmed the rising divorce rate nor brought a solution to the terror of aloneness that keeps many couples

bound in boring and non-fulfilling relationships.

 Much new research including findings in anthropology, evolutionary psychology, and neuroscience has necessitated

that we look at marriage and long-term relationships in a new way, adopting expectations that are more realistic about

our relationships. One conclusion of several recent studies suggests that one or more of the major issues in most marriages

will seldom be fully resolved.

May 7th
Lena Sisco live with Scott Cluthe
your lying
You’re Lying !

Lena wrote You’re Lying! because no matter what your profession or life circumstances, you need the skills to take control of a situation, detect deception, and reveal the truth. While you probably won’t ever have to interrogate a detainee who doesn’t want to tell you about an upcoming terrorist attack–as Lena has–You’re Lying! will help you deal with that salesperson trying to rip you off, the kid bullying your child who claims innocence, a cheating spouse, or dissembling boss. As the adage says, knowledge is power.

Lena interrogated numerous members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban while stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, then taught those skills to Defense Department personnel for years afterward. Her ability to build rapport, accurately read body language, and employ effective questioning techniques led to numerous successes that saved American lives.

You will also learn her easy-to-follow five-step program on how to accurately detect verbal (both spoken and written) and non-verbal deceptive tells, how to conduct an effective line of questioning, and what to do after you identify the lies we all face every day.

May 5th

Scott interviews LIVE from London
Theodore Dalrymple
admirable evasions

Admirable Evasions:
How Psychology Undermines Morality

If all the antidepressants and anxiolytics in the world were thrown into the sea, as Oliver Wendell Holmes once suggested should be done with the whole of the pharmacopoeia, if all textbooks of psychology were withdrawn and pulped, if all psychologists ceased to practice, if all university departments of psychology were closed down, if all psychological research were abandoned, if all psychological terms were excised from everyday speech, would Mankind be the loser or the gainer, the wiser or the more foolish? Would his self-understanding be any the less? Would his life be any the worse?

Theodore Dalrymple argues that most psychological explanations of human behavior are not only ludicrously inadequate oversimplifications that often ignore the most obvious evidence, but they are also socially harmful in allowing those who believe in them to blame their personal distress on their childhood, genes, neurochemistry, or evolutionary pressures—among a multitude of other possibilities.

Admirable Evasions exposes how the fashionable schools of thought in psychology, while each claiming to have achieved deeper insight into human nature than ever before, in fact push further away from the honest self-examination that is necessary in the formation of human character.

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