Oct 30 2009

Advertising Partners

Scott Cluthe @ 3:39 PM

Advertising Your Products & Services with Scott Cluthe & Positively Incorrect


Why Advertise with Scott Cluthe & Positively Incorrect Media ?
You’re presenting to people just like you-Progressive, Creative, Curious and Informed!

Three Levels of Opportunity

Radio Advertising
 Your 30 second commercial played on every Radio Program and Archived

Potential 300,000 plus Audience-plays back in all Archive Listens 

Monthly-3 Month Contract: $ 150.00 per month-minimum of 8 shows per month
YOU write copy-no charge for production
Scott writes copy – additional $ 75.00 – no production charge

Newsletter Advertising 
E Newsletters Sent Minimum of 2 per Month
Display Ad 3 ” X 2 ” Click-able Link
Monthly-3 Month Contract – $ 50.00 per month

Web Site
 3″ X 4 ” Display Click-able Ad

YOU Design – No Additional Charges
Scott can place Your Logo or Jpeg picture in a Click-able Box on Front page
Monthly- 3 Month Contract – $ 50.00 per month

Combination Special : $ 100.00  per Month – 3 Month Minimum

Call or E mail Scott Cluthe Today as Space is Limited !

832-846-5270 or 832-781-4815


Starting in the later 70′s, Scott has always been driven by exploring the unseen, the misunderstood, the paradigm shifting and the everyday, is his own witty, insightful and penetrating style. Scott has worked with the some of the world’s best in Advice, Authors, Experts and Media. Scott has served as Program Director, Producer, Host and Executive Producer.  For 6 years Scott Cluthe was the drive time host for two networks oSirius Satellite RadioWisdom Radio, and later LIME Radio.

Currently, Scott Produces Video Production for commercial clients at Phonoscope New Media & his own Positively Incorrect! TV and Comedy Feature, The Black Hole Report! with Seymore Foxhole.

Mr Cluthe also hosts  LIVE shows weekly on Blog Talk Radio, with hundreds of Archives available for listening & downloading. Check his Positively Incorrect! shows out at:www.blogtalkradio.com/positively-incorrect

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