Jan 08 2010

How to Listen:Audio Archives

Scott Cluthe @ 10:27 AM

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Scott Cluthe Interviews Russell Bishop-author-Workarounds That Work!


To hear Audio Archives of all Positively Incorrect! shows go to my Blog Talk Radio Home Page and look for the Listings on the Right Side Panel. CLICK THE LINK BELOW

You can choose which month, and by clicking the entire month of programs will open. Choose the show you want to listen to, or you can also download them to a Personal Player of your choice!

On my Home Page, www.Blogtalkradio.com/positively-incorrect you can see My Latest Show, My High Lighted Program of the Day, and also this month’s show listed.  Enjoy!

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4 Responses to “How to Listen:Audio Archives”

  1. Ike says:

    Hey Scott:
    Happy New Year!! I haven’t recived notices on your upcomming shows, wondering if your list may have gone South after the new change. Please include me, and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! Ike

  2. Scott Cluthe says:

    Ike, thanks for writing! Well, truth to tell, doing the e mail updates gets to be a bit much, but I try to keep this page updated as each show is posted. I will try to get those out more often, but I also have to clean up my e mail lists as I have too many old ones. Scott Cluthe

  3. carl says:

    Hello Mr. Cluthe:

    My humble suggestion is that your web site is too busy and not easily navigated. The prime frustration is that when I go to scottcluthe.com, find an episode that I want to listen to, click on the “listen to” link, I’m then routed to your chronological list of interviews rather than the specific one chosen. If I’m going deeper into your interview past, this is particularly problematic. Yes, there seem to be multiple ways to do things on your site; but it feels as if one has to click and click and click to easily navigate. I know that website design is very time consuming, but I feel that your site would greatly benefit from it. Anyway, I write this because I do enjoy your interview style and topics; and yours should be a site that I visit more often, but I don’t for the brief reasons already mentioned.

    Best regards,

  4. Scott Cluthe says:

    Quantum, thank you for writing! You see, the Click to Listen is designed for Listening to What is on That Day. Yes it is in chronological order, and just look for the DATE of the show you want to hear and you will find it! (Usually/……..lol) Sincerely Scott Cluthe

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