Oct 26 2009

Scott Cluthe-About

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Scott Cluthe is a broadcast veteran of many years who has developed his own unique and Positively Incorrect! TV & Radio for everything from Public Radio, Broadcast, Satellite and Internet networks and stations.  


Scott Cluthe’s Broadcasting Resume Includes:

*Video Producer at Phonoscope New Media in Houston, Texas
*Host/Producer of Positively Incorrect! Radio on Blog Talk Radio
*Host/Producer of Positively Incorrect! TV on HoustonsVoice.com
*The Black Hole Report! with Seymore Foxhole on Funny or Die! and other platforms

Producing and Hosting Drive Time Daily Talk Shows on Sirius
Satellite Radio
For Both Wisdom Radio and Lime Radio
* Acting as On Air Facilitator for Dr. Andrew Weil’s Sirius Talk Show
*  On Air News Anchor for various radio stations in Houston,Texas
*  Program Director for Public Radio Station KPFT FM in Houston

Starting in the later 70’s, Scott has always been driven by exploring the unseen, the misunderstood, the paradigm shifting and the everyday, is his own witty, insightful and penetrating style. Scott has worked with the some of the world’s best in Advice, Authors, Experts and Media. Scott has served as Program Director, Producer, Host and Executive Producer.  For 6 years Scott  was the drive time host for two networks on
Sirius Satellite Radio, Wisdom Radio, and later LIME Radio.

Currently, Scott Produces Video Production for commercial clients at Phonoscope New Media & his own Positively Incorrect! TV and Comedy Feature, The Black Hole Report! with Seymore Foxhole.

Mr Cluthe also hosts 3 LIVE shows weekly on Blog Talk Radio, with hundreds of Archives available for listening & downloading. Check his Positively Incorrect! shows out at: www.blogtalkradio.com/positively-incorrect

2 Responses to “Scott Cluthe-About”

  1. Allison - The Rock Girl says:

    Hello Scott,

    I represent Allison Hayes, also known as The Rock Girl (www.TheRockGirl.com), a world-renowned psychic, healer, and radio show host. The Rock Girl is a repeat guest on NY’s Lite 106.7 FM – The Bronson & Christine Show http://www.1067litefm.com/pages/onair/morningshow.html, and she has a large following.

    The Rock Girl is interested in being a guest on your show. She can perform live psychic *rock readings* on air for those tuning in! As a host of 2 radio shows each week, The Rock Girl is no stranger to live radio and has a dynamic and engaging personality. The listeners love her!

    Please listen to some archived shows by going to: http://www.therockgirl.com/radio-shows/ and scrolling on the Real Player to *RockTalk* with the Rock Girl.

    Thank you,
    Shay Parker
    Manager to The Rock Girl

  2. Scott Cluthe says:

    Sherry, thank you. SC

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