Jul 15 2010


Scott Cluthe @ 8:36 PM

Scott Cluthe is a major force when it comes to relevant media and his show will surely both enlighten and entertain at the highest level. I am looking forward to joining Scott on his show next time I come to Houston.

Sonia Choquette President Inner Wisdom-author-psychic- healer-teacher

“Scott Cluthe is a total professional who lives and breathes the personal growth/spirituality space. He really walks his talk. He is a master interviewer and and a joy to work with.”

Arielle Ford – Best Selling Author & Director of Affiliate Marketing at Gaiam

I had the great luck to be interviewed by Scott for a recent program. He’s an extraordinary interviewer by every interviewee’s definition: well-prepared, engaging, informed, and surprising; he asks that question you’ve never heard but love the chance to answer. I am confident that Scott brings all these talents, and others, to everything that he does.
April – 2011 Harry Beckwith -Director at Beckwith Partners

“Scott Cluthe is one of a kind in the world of broadcasting; he is informed and supportive, tenacious and tender, wise and patient…all at the same time.”
Guy Finley, Bestselling author of “The Courage to Be Free”

Scott Cluthe is one of those rare individuals who really cares about others and their success. I am honored to be able to call Scott one of my dearest friends. I am in the process of launching an international corporation and the all the task required had me exhausted somewhat tentative. I have been working on this for 18 years and everything was finally ready to launch.I had noticed that because it felt like opportunities had slipped through my hands over the years I felt as if I were chasing after instead of allowing the wisest and most supportive individuals into my life.  Scott offered to me one of his coaching sessions, I was a little hesitant but my intuition said trust the process. He spent 30 minutes with me on the phone and in that 30 minutes Scott help me look at some perceptions that I felt were blocking me. Thanks to Scott I am attracting global opportunities beyond my wildest dreams.I recommend my friend whole heartily for you to allow him to share his wisdom, love and friendship with you on your journey to success in business and relations.
Sincerely, Michael DeMarse;CEO Instant Glamour Co. www.instantglam.com

Scott Cluthe is a goldmine of knowledge and wisdom. His decades of expertise in radio are invaluable to anyone aspiring for greater success on the radio. He puts his heart and soul behind your success. He is an excellent coach and I highly recommend him.
– Seth David Chernoff, author of  Manual For Living: Reality, A User’s Guide to the Meaning of Life

“Scott Cluthe is a consumate broadcast professional. He is smart, savvy, and an absolute delight to work with.  A great listener who always seems to know the right questions to ask, Scott does a tremendous job shining the light on the strength, wisdom, and expertise of others.”
Kim Corbin, Senior Publicist
New World LIbrary

Scott Cluthe was a wonderful radio host and highly skilled interviewer. His broad knowledge, wonderful humor and highly polished professionalism make his interviews tremendously enjoyable for the guest as well as highly informative and entertaining for his listeners. He is engaging, likable, authentically curious and tremendously easy on the ears. The interview was a pleasure!
Guy Winch Ph.D.-Author: The Squeaky Wheel (2011 Walker and Company)

“Scott is the consumate professional, doing great interviews! He is so well prepared and puts his guests at ease. All have had great experiences, and I always look forward to working with Scott.Terrific media talent.” October 30, 2012

1st Carole Smith, Owner/Publicist, GaylerSmith Companywas with another company when working with Scott at Phonoscope New Media & Blog Talk Radio

“Scott Cluthe is an amazing radio host who asks thoughtful questions and always helps the authors whose books we publish put their best foot forward to his listening audience. He’s truly a joy to work with on all levels!” October 22, 2012

1st Kim Corbin, Social Media Manager/Senior Publicist, New World Librarywas with another company when working with Scott at Phonoscope New Media & Blog Talk Radio

“Scott has interviewed me several times and I love what he does! When it comes to actually understanding the materials I have written on, and then expressing them in the media called radio, I would be hard pressed to find a better example of brilliance and expertise in a talkshow host.” October 20, 2012

1st eric maisel, author, coach, and psychotherapist, ericmaisel.comwas with another company when working with Scott at Phonoscope New Media & Blog Talk Radio

“There simply is NO OTHER Scott Cluthe. I have know him for a long time and will not be surprised if/when he is discovered by a national radio station and/or syndicated show. His guests love him as do his audiences. There’s no ego and no one Scott can’t relate to and bring out their greatness and potential. He is also an excellent personal coach who has always been there for people to catalyze their transformation.” October 18, 2012

1st Robert M. Adler, President, Placement Specialists, Inc., Austin, Texaswas with another company when working with Scott at Phonoscope New Media & Blog Talk Radio

“Scott is a highly creative, highly capable talent. He understands traditional media and more importantly today, the world of new media distribution models. If you need a company that understands all of the possibilities in today’s media landscape, Scott has been in the trenches for years–I highly recommend him.” October 17, 2012

1st Charles Andrew Whatley, President, Q2 Media Groupwas a consultant or contractor to Scott at Phonoscope New Media & Blog Talk Radio

“Scott is a seasoned broadcast professional who asked really informed questions about a difficult topic (neuroscience) when featuring my new book on his radio show. I would recommend that anyone hoping to best showcase their work grant him an interview!” October 17, 2012

1st Maureen Seaberg, author, Tasting the Universewas with another company when working with Scott at Phonoscope New Media & Blog Talk Radio

“Scott is a wonderful person to work with. I have been a guest on a number of different networks with him. I would recommend Scott, his character is above reproach.” October 17, 2012

1st Pam Jenkins, Psychic Medium, Heaven Calling Earthworked directly with Scott at Phonoscope New Media & Blog Talk Radio

“Besides having a great radio voice, Scott makes every radio interview a pleasure. He instinctively knows what questions to ask and when to ask them. If your looking to get interviewed on radio, I highly recommend Scott as the person to connect with.” October 17, 2012

1st Thomas Gagliano, Life Coach & Mentor, Thomas Gagliano-Life Coachwas with another company when working with Scott at Phonoscope New Media & Blog Talk Radio

“Scott is a professional all the way. He knows his material, and makes his guests feel comfortable, and his insights and inquiries drive the conversation forward. As a repeat guest on his radio show, I can truly say he is a pro at what he does.” October 16, 2012

1st Marie D. Jones, Author/Producer/Screenwriter, Marie D. Jonesworked directly with Scott at Phonoscope New Media & Blog Talk Radio

“Scott is a great radio talk show host – engaging, entertaining and well informed. You’ll have a blast working with him.” October 16, 2012

1st Russell Bishop, Managing Partner, Bishop & Bishopwas with another company when working with Scott at Phonoscope New Media & Blog Talk Radio

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity October 16, 2012

1st Dr Maki Takashima hired Scott as a Business Consultant in 2011, and hired Scott more than once

“Scott Cluthe is a visionary businessman and wonderful to work with. He is highly creative and I plan to also stay in touch with Scott to see what new ventures he will engender. I recommend Scott very highly!” October 16, 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

1st Brenda Knight
hired Scott as a Publishing, radio productoin in 2010

Host/Producer Positively Incorrect! Radio 1 visible recommendation for this position: Edit

“Scott is one of the few radio hosts who really understands his guests and brings out the best in them. I always look forward to our discussions, as they are as enlightening for me as I hope they are for Scott’s listeners. He is a consummate professional and I look forward to many more great shows to come!” September 24, 2011

1st Marie D. Jones, Author/Producer/Screenwriter, Marie D. Jones
worked directly with Scott at Positively Incorrect! Radio

Program Host and Executive Producer LIME/Wisdom Media Group 1 visible recommendation for this position: Edit

“Scott is one of the most detailed, interesting, and skilled professionals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I recommend him to all producers and networks.” August 27, 2011

1st John Duffey, Bishop, Reformed Catholic Church of North Americawas with another company when working with Scott at LIME/Wisdom Media Group

Executive Producer Lime Media/WIsdom Media 1 visible recommendation for this position: Edit

“I have known and worked with Scott Cluthe since the early 80’s. In fact, my first radio Interview was on Scott’s show here in Houston at KPFT. Scott has always been dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in building greater success in their business, especially if it were designed to assist others in creating a more successful life. That has been Scott’s passion to which he has consistently brought his tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge, not just from the literally thousands of thought leaders he has interviewed over the last quarter century, but from his own personal research and experience in learning how each one of us can have a life better than our best dreams. You can count on Scott being a professional partner, and if you are really fortunate, a devoted friend.” May 9, 2011

1st Dr Rob Pennington, Co-Founder, Resource Internationalwas with another company when working with Scott at Lime Media/WIsdom Media

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