Jun 30 2010

Free E Book Download: Host Your Own Radio Show

Scott Cluthe @ 8:40 AM

Welcome! Get your Free E Book Download : Hosting Your Radio Show ! 

This is Scott Cluthe, Your Broadcast Coach.

I am excited to share with you my Free E Book Download- Host Your Own Radio Show Training Guidebookv2e,
the same one I use when Coaching clients to Broadcast Excellence.

I hope you will consider calling for a Free Consultation Session with me, to see if you are ready
to be Coached to Hosting Your Own Radio Show or any other related support.

I also provide Business and Personal Coaching, and also
provide a Free Consultation for those services.

Simply call me to set up your Free Consultation at: 832-846-5270-3368 or  832-781-4815
or E Mail me directly at: jscmedia@sbcglobal.net

Download your Free Copy of Host Your Own Radio Show by Clicking the link Below

 A Broadcasting BullsEye Every Time! – Scott Cluthe’s On Air-Pro Guide

 Host Your Own Radio Show Training Guidebookv2e


 His current program, Positively Incorrect! With Scott Cluthe, can be heard LIVE
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Scott Cluthe also now hosts a TV Version of Positively Incorrect! available on Youtube,
and at HoustonsVoice.com

Web Site: http://www.scottcluthe.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/jscmedia

Scott Cluthe
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Why Should You Hire Scott Cluthe As Your Broadcast Coach?

Let’s Face it, if you are interested in spending your time, money and expertise in developing and broadcasting a radio program for marketing, community outreach, networking and contact building, sharing your talent and expertise, etc., then reading this E Book will help you move in that direction. If you want to have a professional, polished and consumer friendly radio program that has long lasting value and growth potential, then hiring Scott Cluthe as your Broadcast Coach is the right move for you.

There is no substitute for hiring the right Coach when it comes to reaching and breaking through our perceived goals and barriers, or closing the Gap between Where We Are and Where We Want to Be.
With a One on One Coaching Relationship with Scott Cluthe as Your Broadcast Coach, you will understand your key goals and reach them faster, have an easier time with more professionalism in your creative expression and create a real radio program faster.

When You Hire Scott Cluthe as Your Broadcast Coach you also get:

A Professional copywriter for your content creation   

A Professional Voice Talent for your audio ( as required)

A Professional Teacher/Critic to help you grow after you begin broadcasting

A Trusted Confidant who is there exclusively for you and your needs as desired

A Business and Personal Coach who is ready to address any business or personal issues that you may want to be coached on during your relationship.

Scott Cluthe uses and abides by the Ethics and Guidelines of the International Coaching Federation. 

Thanks you for your interest in Hosting Your Own Radio Show

and the services of Scott Cluthe, Your Broadcast Coach!

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