Jun 09 2010

Professional & Personal Coaching

Scott Cluthe @ 11:02 PM

“Scott Cluthe is one of a kind in the world of broadcasting; he is informed and supportive, tenacious and tender, wise and patient…all at the same time.”
Guy Finley, Bestselling author of “The Courage to Be Free”

Scott Cluthe is a true master at helping one transcend difficulties in business and relationships.In just one session Scott helped me change my perception around a couple of ideas that opened my mind to greater opportunities.Thanks to Scott’s help my company is now ready to launch globally. Thanks Scott for all your help and friendship!
Sincerely,Michael DeMarse; Instant Glamour Corp.

I have known Scott Cluthe since 1981.  Since that time he has made a tremendous impact in coaching me to clarity during times of stress around my intimate relationships.
Scott is compassionate, supportive, knowledgeable, and instinctive; he has a unique way of listening “right down to his heart.”  Anyone who becomes a coaching client of Scott’s will experience his humanity and love from the first session onward.  I can highly recommend him as a relationships coach who will make a profound difference. 

Scott Cluthe has a broad base of knowledge, and a deep understanding of business and personal issues. Scott makes his clients/coaches feel safe and comfortable because he genuinely cares. He has the very rare ability to ask powerful questions that provoke powerful insight and quantum change.Scott Cluthe is the Coach’s Coach. Scott Cluthe is my Coach! Thank you Scott.
Jonathan Devlin, Ph.D.
LifeCoach, Hypnotherapist,and Counselor

“Scott Cluthe is a consumate broadcast professional. He is smart, savvy, and an absolute delight to work with.  A great listener who always seems to know the right questions to ask, Scott does a tremendous job shining the light on the strength, wisdom, and expertise of others.”
Kim Corbin, Senior Publicist
New World LIbrary

This is Scott Cluthe.  As a business and personal coach, I love supporting entrepreneurs and professionals in dramatically increasing their business and enhancing the quality of their lives.

I am committed to authentic communication, relationships with integrity and developing your possibilities in success. I am now offering  Business and Personal Coaching in addition to my specialized niche, Broadcast Coaching.

Broadcast Coaching supports you in using Broadcasting as a powerful Marketing Tool for sharing  Knowledge, Services or Training.

My new Broadcast Coach Program will give you the tools, Personal Insight and Skills to make long term impact with Attraction Based Radio Programs that will draw interested people and companies to you.

If you are interested in knowing more about starting your own radio show, click the TAB labeled Free E Book on the Home page and request your Free E Book Start Your Own Radio Show with a simple e mail request that comes directly to me.

Would you like a Free Consultation to see if we are a fit for Business-Personal-Broadcast Coaching?

Request your free consultation via an e mail to jscmedia@sbcglobal.net or call me at 713-665-3969

Robert M. Adler, National Recruiter

Is There a Gap – From Where You  Are to
Where You Want to Be?


Want to Increase Your Business Success
Satisfaction-Bottom Line?


Are you Feeling Stuck in a Situation-Relationship-Place and Ready to Move Forward?

Are you ready to Discover What’s Next in Life ?

As someone who is committed to your growth, transformation and moving forward in what you say you want, I am now offering Business & Personal Coaching to support you in Being, Having and Doing the Life You Want.

Business & Personal Coaching can be monthly or long term, and you decide each month what works for you.
I promise to bring all that I am to your confidential  coaching sessions, delivered via telephone from your office, home or place that works best for you.
Sessions are 30 minutes each at intervals of 3 per month.
Call for a No Obligation Introduction Consultation for Business or Personal  Coaching .
Scott Cluthe
No Obligation Consultation .
CALL: 713-665-3969
E Mail: jscmedia@SBCGLOBAL.NET

Monthly Life Coach: 3 Sessions per month: $ 300.00 ( monthly renewal as desired)

Broadcast Coach Services

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